Passive Income Publishing Review

Passive Income Publishing ReviewWelcome to the Passive Income Publishing and the Low Content Publishing for beginners’ review. Before I begin breaking down what’s inside the Passive Income Publishing Course (PIP) I wanted to introduce you to a quick video put out by Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or Amazon KDP for short. This will give you a much more... Read More »

Your Honest Ex-Factor Guide Review

Your Honest Ex-Factor Guide ReviewIntroduction: Have you ever been dumped before? Not a good feeling! As a matter of fact, it’s one of the worst feelings in the world, to be rejected. The truth is, couples break up every single day. The sad part of it is, one of you will be left emotionally crushed and it’s usually the... Read More »

Acid Reflux And It’s Long-Term Effects

Acid Reflux And It’s Long-Term EffectsLong-Term Impacts Of Acid Reflux Acid reflux is very common but the methods for treating it varies. Many people turn to over the counter products or even prescription medications. However, there are plenty of people that try home remedies to get relief. They do so because they are affordable and they don’t have any side... Read More »

Are Your Teeth Causing Your Bad Breath?

Are Your Teeth Causing Your Bad Breath?Can Your Teeth Be The Cause of Your Bad Breath? Halitosis is something that nobody wants to talk about but everybody worries about from time to time. Many times, it is just a case of them being nervous over nothing but there are times when you may have a problem that is causing your breath... Read More »

One Hour Belly Blast Review

One Hour Belly Blast ReviewProduct Description:  The belly is one of the toughest spots on the body to lose fat. The subcutaneous fat here is so stubborn that millions of people struggle with their diet and exercise for months before they see any results. Most them quit because they lose motivation. The 1 Hour Belly Blast is a program... Read More »

Paleo Hacks Cookbooks Review

Paleo Hacks Cookbooks ReviewPaleo Cook Books Product Description: A couple of years ago, the Paleo diet burst on to the scene and everybody and their neighbor was talking about it. There were the fanatics and the detractors. Despite all the opinions and debate, the Paleo diet has repeatedly shown how effective it is for aiding in weight loss... Read More »

Build Your List By Building A Good Reputation

Build Your List By Building A Good ReputationBuild a Good Reputation as a Can’t Miss Marketer When someone signs up to your list, you’re not guaranteed to have them as a loyal subscriber forever. You have to work to keep them – and that means proving your value. Another thing you want to do is make your subscribers so enthusiastic about being... Read More »

Have an Unbeatable Opt In Offer

Do me a favor, will you? Go to Google and look up a few niche blogs. Start by typing in the niche word and then the word blog such as “insomnia blog” or “dog training blog.” Now look and see what, if any, opt in boxes you see on the blog. If it’s a good... Read More »

The Easter Story

The Easter Story Taken from The Gospel of Mark Chapters14-16 The Lego Easter Story video The Last Supper (Mark chapter 14) So the two disciples went on ahead into the city and found everything just as Jesus had said, and they prepared the Passover supper there. In the evening Jesus arrived with the twelve disciples.  As... Read More »

Importance of Easter

10 promises for Easter Without Easter, the Bible would be useless. Our whole faith and the power behind everything we believe and teach are wrapped up in the fact that Jesus died, then rose from the grave. Without a resurrection, Jesus would have been another good intentioned individual cut down in His prime. But Easter... Read More »