Vidnami Video Creation Software Review

Vidnami Video Creation Software Review

Welcome to my review of Vidnami, the video-making software by Dr. Anthony. Here’s my unbiased review. You know there’s a lot of garbage that gets released in this space. And if you are not careful, you’ll waste your money buying it…

Not only that, you’ll end up wasting a lot of your precious time trying to make it work for you unsuccessfully when it simply doesn’t.

That’s why on my review, I first buy the product, use it myself, and then give you my honest verdict about it. That way, you will make a wise decision on whether it’s worth you buying or not.

So what’s Vidnami about?

Vidnami is software that allows you to create highly engaging videos. It’s great for internet marketers and business owners alike who want more traffic and sales, and this software delivers just that!

You know why? Because Video marketing is red-hot!

Start creating high-quality guru-styled videos with ease. I’ve been following the creator for some time, and the products he releases are always top-notch. I trust him and his products as I’ve been a long-time customer of his.

So, how does Vidnami help you to create highly engaging videos?

First, I love the fact that you can create professional broadcast quality videos in under 10 minutes. Another thing that fascinates me about this software is the fact that it’s super easy to use. There are absolutely no technical skills needed.

I only wish it had an app feature so you can use the software from your cell phone. It would have made me give it a 100% ranking. So because of it, I’ll rank it 97%, And definitely, that’s good enough.

Like most software being sold these days, you expect some kind of upsell. Sorry, no upsells here. The software stands on its own and there are no upsells.

The product regularly sells for $47 a month BUT during the special offer it’s only $29 a month. You will get the following:

  • Access to incredible software which will help you grow your business by using the power of video,
  • Unlimited access to over 978,000 premium video clips included FREE with your Vidnami account,
  • Unlimited access to over 30,000 Storyblocks music tracks included FREE with your Vidnami account,

With the added bonuses, we’re talking over $1400 of value! You will have everything you need to explode your video marketing. Since I recommend this product… I’m going to throw in an extra bonus of my own. You are going to get access to Media Cloud Pro 2.0 with Over 7 MILLION Media Assets With Agency Rights (a $47 value).

Here’s a list of the other bonuses:

  • Bonus #1 Video Traffic Blueprint Pack These templates are now responsible for over 7 BILLION video views!
  • Bonus #2 5-Minute Facebook Ad Formula Discover the three secrets for creating high-converting video ads on Facebook.
  • Bonus #3 YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet  Helps you quickly rank your videos on YouTube and Google!
  • Bonus #4 21 Ways To Find Clients Cheat-Sheet Discover how to start a profitable video agency from the comfort of your own home.
  • Bonus #5 Smartphone Camera Tips Discover the exact mic and lighting system we use so you get pro results.
  • Bonus #6 Eliminate Writer’s Block Forever. Discover a simple process that helps you create unlimited content!

And there you have it! I endorse Vidnami and recommend you buy it. If you are an internet marketer or business owner who wants more sales and conversions, Vidnami will help you do just that. Start creating engaging videos with ease by creating high-quality guru-styled videos for your video marketing!

Yes, that is my affiliate link below and I’ll make a small commission if you buy from my link. And no, buying from my affiliate link won’t cost you more and in fact, you be getting a discount, bonus, and helping a fellow marketer out in the process 😉 

Here’s the deal. The team at Vidnami has now helped businesses create over 1,919,687 videos using their Artificially Intelligent video creation software. And one thing they’ve learned from these videos is that the big video trend for 2021 is AUTHENTICITY.

That is – real people, creating real videos by speaking directly to their phones or webcams. So in today’s video they explain how you and your business can use authenticity to connect with your audience and build a massive online following…

Click here to watch it now:

You’ll discover:

  • How market leaders like Gary Vaynerchuk are using authenticity to build a massive following and dominate their industries
  • A brand new way to create authentic videos using just your laptop and webcam (no editing skills required!)
  • Plus how to create broadcast-quality videos that combine talking head clips and stock footage in under 10 minutes

So click the link below and watch today’s video now to discover the best way to use authenticity to grow your online audience, generate more leads, and boost your bottom line.

Your Online Success Buddy,
Terry Phong

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